The Science of Fasting


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While life expectancy is increasing in Western countries, cases of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cancer are increasing, and the use of medication has exploded. Does this mean that in order to live to a ripe age we are condemned to swallow more and more drugs? What if there was another way? For half a century, in Russia, Germany and the U.S., doctors and biologists have been exploring a different therapeutic approach: fasting. The results are amazing. Soviet researchers have provided a body of clinical studies of exceptional health…only published in Russian, and thus unknown in the West. Young biologists from the University of Los Angeles have overturned conventional wisdom and used molecular biology to demonstrate the powerful effects of fasting. This research suggests a wide-ranging potential, which could include treatments for the disease of the century, cancer. If these scientists are right, maybe our approach to disease and treatment will need a rethink. Documentary includes information on:Diseases of Civilization
Life expectancy is increasing in western countries, but illness like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer are exploding along with the consumption of medications that cause side effects. Fasting is praised by religions but often ignored by science.
Goryaschinsk Spring Sanatorium
An experiment is taking place in the heart of Russia on the Siberian Plains. For the last 15 years fasting has become a central part of public health policy. It is based on 40 years of scientific studies unknown in the west. Asthma and allergies are being treated.
Fasting Program
Fasting is a universal method that can be effective against several diseases. Under medical supervision the patients drink only water and stop medication for chronic conditions. The involvement of a professional is fundamental.
Acidosis Crisis
10,000 patients have followed fasting programs at Goryaschinsk Spring Sanatorium, seeking treatment for asthma, rheumatism, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and allergies. The body must learn to live off its reserves after detoxification.
Ketone Bodies
Glucose, fats, and proteins are the body’s fuels. After a day of fasting the body must make glucose out of protein. Exercise, body wraps, saunas, and colonic irrigation are prescribed to increase organ function.
Psychological Hunger
As the body adapts to fasting the head doesn’t always follow. Patients have noticed that the psyche influences the body and can make it feel needs that it no longer has. A sense of euphoria sets in when hunger subsides.
Experiments in Fasting
Is the decrease in symptoms of patients who fast a placebo effect, or an effect of euphoria? Research was done in secret labs in the Soviet Union 60 years ago. Dr. Yuri Nikolayev observed the benefits of fasting in a patient who refused to eat.
Scientific History of Fasting
Dr. Yuri Nikolayev’s son remembers the strong opposition to his father’s research from the medical community. Nikolayev undertook a vast research program to silence critics. Psychiatrists noted fasting had an impact on mental illness.
Explanation of Fasting Effects
Nikolayev noticed physical ailments improved with fasting. Researchers confirmed the results. Stress is an adapted response to environmental change. Faced with starvation, the body triggers an alert, which sets off hormonal and endocrine changes.
Evidence of Healing Ability
Research has shown fasting eliminates histamines that lead to bronchial spasms. Pharmaceutical companies in the west are not interested in the published data used to establish fasting as part of public health policy in the Soviet Union.

The Science of Fasting
The Science of Fasting
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