ARISEN, Book Fourteen – ENDGAME


Begin the greatest military ZA adventure on Earth NOW, absolutely call the ARISEN series: “absolute masterpieces” … “The best book I have ever read! Apart from the other eleven. We are privileged to read this series” … “No one comes out of this book the same” … “You have to remind yourself to breathe” … “I keep repeating myself, but this is the best series of books of any genre I've ever read” … “I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ANYMORE!!! I JUST DON'T – This is the best military fiction series ever written! Hands down” … “If you haven't read these you need to reevaluate your life” … “JUST WHEN YOU THINK THIS SERIES CAN'T GET ANY BETTER, IT DOES” … “continues to blow my mind” … “Just sheer unstoppable awesomeness” … “beyond intense” … “painfully good” … “spellbinding” … “insanely well written” … “A work of art – a beautiful, smart, tension-filled experience that will leave you both exhausted and grateful, filled with such astonishing richness and depth” … “HOLY SH!! HOOLLY SH!!!!!!!!!! What a ride!!! explosive! thrilling! Words fail me…” THIS IS IT.ALPHA TEAM GOES ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH On what will be their final missions ever in the Zulu Alpha – and the fight of their lives – Homer & Ali, and Predator & Juice, launch out into the terminal post-Apocalypse, as London is overrun by the very last rush of death covering the entire planet. Neither mission can fail, but can all four teammates survive? Or will some go down safeguarding the lives of those they love more than life itself…? HANDON FIGHTS HIS WAY BACK FROM THE DEADAs reinforcements flood into CentCom ahead of the onslaught of the undead world, one man lies in a coma at the heart of humanity's final fallback position. But will the ghosts of all those who've fallen before, and the love of those who yet remain, be enough to bring him back to life, and back to the fight, in time to lead the final battle…? THE LAST SURVIVORS MAN THE ALAMO OF THE ALAMOAs CentCom is overrun, and it all collapses and the screen goes black, the last heroes of humanity have one final chance to save the world. But as they cling to one another in their shrinking circle of life, will they be able pull it off in the final seconds, from the mast of the last sinking ship in a world submerged in a sea of death…? Love. Death. The End Of The Line. ENDGAME ARISEN Hope Never Dies.

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