Behemoth (The Jharro Grove Saga Book 6)


Part Six of the Jharro Grove Saga and the latest chapter in the acclaimed Bowl of Souls Series, a continuing action-filled fantasy series set in a world of magic, mystery, and monsters! THE FINALE OF THE JHARRO GROVE SAGAThe Behemoth was created a thousand years ago, its body stretching for miles under Malaroo’s swamplands turning them into a dangerous and uninhabitable place. Now it has learned to swallow the peoples of Malaroo and transform them into its own army; a twisted mix of troll and man known as the Trollkin. It hungers to consume the power of the Jharro Grove and if it succeeds the world will be plunged into darkness.Justan and Jhonate, forced to hold off their wedding until the threat is over, find themselves stuck between the two rival factions that are the only hope of defeating the Behemoth and its everlasting hunger.Join Justan, Fist, and Tarah on an epic journey that will pit them against dark forces that plot to destroy the Jharro Grove and end the world. Ogres and trolls, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls. The Bowl of Souls Series:THE MOONRAT SAGABook One: Eye of the MoonratBook 1.5: Hilt's PrideBook Two: Messenger of the Dark ProphetBook Three: Hunt of the BandhamBook Four: The War of StardeonBook Five: Mother of the MoonratTHE JHARRO GROVE SAGABook Six: Tarah WoodbladeBook Seven: Protector of the GroveBook Eight: The Ogre ApprenticeBook Nine: The Troll KingBook Ten: Priestess of WarBook Eleven: BehemothTHE DARK PROPHET SAGA1. Sir Edge (Upcoming)

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