Science Fiction by Scientists: An Anthology of Short Stories (Science and Fiction)


This anthology contains fourteen intriguing stories by active research scientists and other writers trained in science. Science is at the heart of real science fiction, which is more than just westerns with ray guns or fantasy with spaceships. The people who do science and love science best are scientists. Scientists like Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Fred Hoyle wrote some of the legendary tales of golden age science fiction.  Today there is a new generation of scientists writing science fiction informed with the expertise of their fields, from astrophysics to computer science, biochemistry to rocket science, quantum physics to genetics, speculating about what is possible in our universe. Here lies the sense of wonder only science can deliver. All the stories in this volume are supplemented by afterwords commenting on the science underlying each story.Table of Contents:Introduction by Mike Brotherton”Down and Out” by Ken Wharton”Tree of Life” by Jennifer Rohn”Supernova Rhythm” by Andrew Fraknoi”Turing de Force” by Edward M. Lerner”Neural Alchemist” by Tedd Roberts”The Schrödinger Brat Paradox” by Carl Frederick”Upside the Head” by Marissa Lingen”Betelgeuse” by J. Craig Wheeler”Sticks and Stones” by Stephanie Osborn”One for the Conspiracy Theorists” by Jon Richards”Hidden Variables” by Jed Brody”Spreading the Seed” by Les Johnson”Fixer Upper” by Eric Choi”The Gatherer of Sorrows” by J. M. Sidorova

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