Science Fiction Classics: A Collection Of Short Si Fi Stories By The Father Of Science Fiction (Si Fi Classics) (Volume 3)


Magic, Martians and Miracles, three tales from the father of science fiction. The Magic Shop tells the tale of a man and his young son Gip, as they visit a curious magic shop. The owner shows them many miraculous things, while showering Gip with gifts. Is it real magic as he says? Or simple parlour tricks? In The Crystal Egg, Mr. Cave owns an antique shop which houses many objects including a crystal egg. His family grow angry when he refuses to sell it for a large sum of money, but his reluctance is due to his ability to see another world through the egg. An alien world. The Man Who Could Work Miracles features Mr. Fortheringay, a man who doesn't believe in miracles, until he discovers he can make things happen at will. But will he be tempted to go too far? Open the door to a strange new world, step inside and be amazed. This collection will stay with you long after you have finished reading.

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