The Complete Circuit Trilogy (Omnibus Edition) (The Circuit)


Perfect for fans of The Expanse! The complete Circuit Trilogy–three full-length science fiction novels collected in one epic book–features more than 750 pages of heart-pounding space opera intrigue. ON SALE FOR $2.99 ($0.99 per book) UNTIL NOV 21!Earth is a dying planet. To survive, humanity founds the Circuit, a string of colonies across the solar system, dedicated to mining resources vital to preserving what remains of mankind.The New Earth Tribunal, a powerful religious faction, rises to rule the Circuit. They believe a Spirit within the Earth will one day appear and welcome humanity back home. Following a string of seemingly random attacks, the Tribunal suspects its mortal enemy, the Ceresians, have again rallied to challenge their absolute rule. Join an unlikely band of would-be saviors–the Tribunal's best spy, a roguish Ceresian mercenary, a subservient android and a disgraced general–as they are drawn into a conspiracy destined to change the Circuit forever. A new, sinister threat has arisen–and it plans to bring down the Tribunal once and for all.”Bruno has crafted a complex, multi-dimensional story that combines the best of his genre with age-old truths–and quandaries–about humanity, politics, religion, family, and, yes, love.” –Portland Book ReviewContains the Complete Trilogy:Executor RisingProgeny of ValeEarthfall

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