Buried Secrets: A gripping thriller you won’t be able to put down


There’s more than bones hidden at the Larson house… Newlyweds Brett and Emily Larson have just moved into a new home deep in the countryside, and are overjoyed when Emily finds out she’s pregnant. Then they discover human bones in their garden. As the police start to investigate, three things become clear: The bones are recent. They are not here by accident. They are a message. When the police put three photographs of known criminals on the Larsons’ kitchen table, the couple realize the danger may be closer to home than they think. As the situation escalates, can Brett and Emily keep one step ahead to protect themselves – and their unborn child? Fast-paced, compelling and full of twists, this heart-pounding thriller will keep you turning the pages until the very end. Perfect for fans of Rachel Abbott, Robert Dugoni and Linwood Barclay. Read what everyone’s saying about Buried Secrets: ‘I absolutely ADORED this book! Addictive and thrilling, this was a roller coaster of a read with many twists all of which I did not see coming. What I loved was how an ordinary situation… escalated into a heart-stopping, palpably tense, extremely fast paced and intense story that I could not put down. Amazing!… Love this author's writing style. Cannot wait for more!’ Renita D’Silva ‘A story which kept me thoroughly entertained from start to finish… Its hook is the naive innocence of Brett; the attempts of Russo to stay on the straight and narrow and still protect his wife and daughter; the conniving drive of Meg. To have captured all of these characters so well is a testimony to the writing of T.J. Brearton.’ Nigel Adams Bookworm ‘This tense thriller starts out with alternating storylines. The two seemingly have nothing to do with each other, but the author begins to slowly and intently weave them together as the story progresses. This is masterfully crafted so as to ratchet up the tension… There are plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing throughout the book, right up until the very end. The chapters end in a way that make you feel like you must keep reading to see what happens next, so be prepared to stay up late into the night.’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘Ends with a totally unexpected twist that you never saw coming.’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘A real page turner, couldn't put it down.’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘Great read! Looking forward to reading more by this author! Highly recommend!’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘I enjoyed Buried Secrets with its strong, action packed second half and many twists, one or two of which are extremely clever and unexpected… As the action got going I was riveted… A great read.’ Goodreads Reviewer

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