IN The End (An Ivy Nash Thriller, Book 6) (Redemption Thriller Series 12)


A generation has lost its way. And no one will sin without retribution.Parents are crushed after their daughter is ripped from their lives. Ivy chases every lead, but the fog of deception is deep.So very deep.For mankind, the end is near. How many sacrifices will it take before the cataclysmic events can't be stopped? It was supposed to be a confession. Instead, it became a statement of conviction — to Satan.Will Ivy be able to stop a demonic killer?It's one woman's pledge to save a generation from a fanatical psychopath.It's one man's path to claim his destiny.Can Ivy possibly back away from the threat?He believes Ivy has sinned. And it is time for her life to end…just like all the others.Get IN The End now!Redemption Thriller SeriesBooks in the Alex Troutt Thrillers:AT Bay – book 1AT Large – book 2AT Once – book 3AT Dawn – book 4 AT Dusk – book 5AT Last – book 6Books in the Ivy Nash Thrillers:IN Defiance – book 7IN Pursuit – book 8IN Doubt – book 9Break IN – book 10IN Control – book 11IN The End – book 12Books in the Ozzie Novak Thrillers:ON Edge – book 13Game ON – book 14ON The Rocks – book 15Shame ON You – book 16ON Fire – book 17ON The Run – book 18The ScoopBy now you're probably aware that the Alex Troutt thrillers, Ivy Nash thrillers, and the soon-to-be-released Ozzie Novak thrillers are all under the same Redemption Thriller Series umbrella. Why? Because, ultimately, they all connect — Alex, Ivy, Ozzie. How? That's part of the mystery that I'm slowly unveiling throughout the Redemption Thriller Series.Through each sub-series, characters from different books appear in the other novels. If it adds suspense, intrigue, or even a good laugh, I've included a cross-over character — it's a lot more fun that way. Plus — and here's the real kicker — I'll write a final six novels that brings all of the major characters together — Alex, Ivy, Ozzie. It will be explosive and gut-wrenching…in a way that will leave you breathless. At least that's my hope.Starting with IN The End (Nov. 10 release), I'll be launching a new book every 2-4 weeks. IN The End will segue into the Ozzie Novak Thrillers. ON Edge (book 1), is due out on November 28. From there, it will be non-stop suspense until all six Ozzie books are released. And my editor tells me that Ozzie Novak is my best character yet.:) So, I hope you're ready for some thrilling binge-reading. How can you catch up if you've started the Redemption Thriller Series mid-stream?Box sets have been created in the Redemption Thriller Series to allow you to pick up a pretty nice discount. To read the first three Alex Troutt thrillers just copy and paste this link into your browser: Or, you can search for Redemption Thriller Series Box Set. Alex Troutt Thrillers books 4-6 are also a box set. The Ivy Nash and Ozzie Novak thriller box sets will be coming soon.

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