Truly Deadly: (Book 1: Spy and Assassin Action Thriller Series)


What if you woke up one day with cool new assassin skills?That’s what’s about to happen to 16-year-old Lorna Walker, the most unlikely heroine you’re likely to meet.When a mysterious transplant donor turns up dead from a bullet wound, social outcast Lorna gets the new heart she needs to return to live a normal life again. Little does she realise, she’s just swapped one life or death struggle for another.As if the strange memories and embarrassing new behaviours aren’t enough, she’s also inherited a set of killer new skills landing her deep in trouble. Then there’s the mystery object her donor hid before he died. It’s put her top of a secret kill list. And the only way to survive now, is to run. About the Truly Deadly seriesWith four books and counting, hold on tight for the first in an action-packed YA thriller series full of spies, assassins and adventure. From the UK to Norway, Berlin to Alaska, the Far East to the Mexico City slums, expect a fast, funny, over-the-top series full of action-packed entertainment.What readers are saying: “Lorna Walker is the female Jason Bourne, but with added fun.”“Funny; gritty; imaginative; gripping.”“If you're into Alex rider and CHERUB . . . these are definitely the books for you.” Make the Truly Deadly series your new addiction. Grab the first book now, FREE. Recommended for age 16+. Not for the faint-hearted.

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